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The program of the organization are designed for the poorest of the poor,unemployed youth,the landless,the homeless,the disabled as well as marginal farmers,who lives on the physical labor and women who were sexually abused &vulnerable to STD like AIDS/HIV.These includes community devalopment &awareness raising program such as formal &informal education ,drug/substance abuse awareness,prevention & treatment of TB,DPT,MEASSL,MUMPS,HEPATITIS B ,C etc.Health service are offered to undeperivileged person especially women& children, as well as health services to school children,youth education to cover the whole community.
Running Projects:
1. Morning Bird School health Service:
health service to school children which includes primary and high school,Madrasa,orphanages,Religious study centre for minor(Under12).
2. Community Health Service: To bring a certain number of people & their families(1 million)under a health network with special emphasis on mental health.
3. Training of youth in primary health care,family planning,Arsenic mitigation,pure water & the use of sanitary latrine,paramedicals & community health work training.
4. Computer & IT training.(Computer training,Software development,Internet service for Rural people).
5. Disabled Begger employment projects(DBEP).
6. Environment protection & development program.
7. To help & rehabitate victim of cyclone flood,river erosion,earth quake & other natural calamities irrespestive of sex,colour creed,religion & nation.

Morning Bird School Health Service (M B S H S):
The main theme of the project is that "Good education depends on good health".In Bangladesh & others under develope countries about 99% school going students never under go medical check up neither upon their entry to school or at any time thereafter although there are many reasons for special health need of the school children like.
1. time for growing & developing physically mentally as a member of the community so that improvement of health & correction of their disease may have an effect through out their life.
2. Time of exposure to new environment may effect many ways & may involve responses concerning mental health,subtance or drug abuse,training & guidance to moral education should be given to avoid and resist crime & corruption.
3. vaccination for preventable diseases.
4. Prevention of common epidemic diseases like Conjunctivities,Dysentry,Influenza,Scabies,Ring worm,Louse & Helminthes Infestation.
5. Health examination for early diagonosis & treatment of abnormalities.
6. first Aid health service for minor accidents occuring in school.
7. Follow up of the students' health record gives back up for government's overall health service & healthy future citizen of the nation. Due to absence of health service (in bangladesh) for the school children there is direct negative effect of smooth,meaningful education. It causes drop out of students from regular schooling & a large number of students continues education with many physical & mental disorder & eventually this students become inactive,inefficient man power and a burden to the society.
Taking the above reasoning into consideration,need & benefit for giving primary health care,vaccination against preventable diseases such as TB,Measles,MUMPS,DPT,Polio,Hapatitis-B etc to school children become a 1st priority project of the organization,since its establishment 30,000 student have been given medical check up with treatment for minor diseases & advice for investigation with many being referred for specialist treatment.