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New Life Mental Hospital:
Drug/Substance abuse is a very common & serious problem for the youth & society now a days.To give drug & substance abuser the treatment,nursing,rehabilitation and help required,a research centre on drug abuse & mental health with a 10 bed hospital hasbeen setup in the metropolitan city of sylhet district where many addicts and mentally ill persons come for treatment.Addicts are given advice on bad sideeffects of the drug & substances which causes addiction. With an indoor & out door treatmeant facility there is rehabilitation program for the youth patients by giving training in computer training,paramedics,primary health care,Small Business Entrepreneurship such as Dairy,Nursery,Poultry,Fishery,etc.
Morning Bird Community Health Service:
This projects has been design to bring one million people to a network of health service with special importance to mental health as because the mental health although very important in today's Socio-economic condition is much ignored by people for lack of awareness about mental health and spread prevalence of superstition in our society as well as a lack of importance given to this subjects by the government for many reason.
Morning Bird General Hospital,A ten bed Hospital and a diagnostic center nameMorning Bird Diagnostic,has been setup to give out door and indoor investigation facility for the members registered with the Morning Bird Community Health Service Project.There are future plan to increase the number of beds of Hospital and increase all modern diagnostic facility.

Disabled Begger Employment Project:
This projects was established to provide rehabitation for the disabled persons who live in only begging & mercy of people.It has been observed through special survey & opinion exchange with beggars that the 96% disabled beggar are willing to work if given opportunity.Considering the disabled beggar condition & their willingness to work the projects disabled beggar employment project taken into hand to transform the disabled also elderly beggar people into productive manpower by involving them in the Dairy,Nursary projects.
Youth Training Project:
(1). Primary Health care & family planning.
(2). Paramedics Training.
(3). Dairy,Poultry & Fishery.
(4). Forestry & Nursery.
(5). Computer & Information Technology, the above training programmes are running with a very good result of transforming unskilled population in to active manpower.

Plantation in Abandoned Forest Area:

This projects has been established aiming to plant about one million of nursery tree (Both wood & fruit)for environmental protection & economic benifit in future.

Important Future Projects:
1. Setting up of School & College of Technology which will cover various Vocational(Solar drying,Solar cooking,Hayvoxes, Composting,Ram pumps) Training,Trade,Technical,Agro based short courses,Professional Skilled development courses through which youth would be given better chance to get job opportunity at home and abroad.
2. Setting up of Health Technology Institute.
3. Widow Welfare Association.

HOLYSIDE  DIABETES POINT: (Pre- diabeteis & diabetes screening Project) :
It is now an established fact to medical professional & health services provider related to   public health & diabetes that diabetes is a silent killer of human being. WHO says one person is dying in every 10 second world wide with diabetes & which is same as with the death of HIV/ AIDS.
Diabetes Mellitus in people of all ages is reaching epidemic proportion in Bangladesh In some sectors of society, more than 10% of people have diabetes   Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world and has the lowest health care spending per capita.  The prevalence of diabetes in Bangladesh is estimated to be 5.2% among the adult population. It is estimated that almost 3 million people have diabetes in Bangladesh. The majority have type 2diabetes. The total estimated number of people with diabetes over 20 years of age is now almost 4 million.
The estimated prevalence of diabetes in Bangladesh was about 5% in 2006 and there is a rapidly increasing trend with predictions indicating the number to rise to 9% in 2025.
WHO predicts that developing countries like Bangladesh will bear the brunt of this epidemic in the 21st century, with 80% of all new cases of diabetes expected to appear in the developing countries by 2025.
Considering the significance above facts &  figure available  a  new project  named as “Holy Side Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes Screening Project”   has been taken  to  SCREEN  about one million  Sylhet  Metropolitan city dwellers & adjacent  area around city  people  to detect  pre-diabetes & diabetes persons & thus render services to  prevent, treat & care  the screened person with appropriate step.. By screening the pre-diabetes prevention of onset of diseases can be done effectively by creation of mass awareness about the danger, complication of diabetes & care of risk factors for diabetes through public health approach. The Project main centre is selected   Reaz Mansion, (2nd floor) Subid Bazar,   Divisional   Metropolitan city of Sylhet, Bangladesh. The project is giving special emphasis on screening the pre-diabetes & diabetes case among the people of all classes & to make diabetes awareness a success & also out patient treatment of diabetes patient by diabetes specialist doctor & diabtelogist.
There are projects & action against prevention of Diabetes (Primary, secondary & tertiary) in Bangladesh both in private & institutional area   but there is no project & action to screening pre-diabetes & diabetes in Bangladesh.  Considering the above public health demand on diabetes  Morning Bird  Social Welfare Organization (MBSWO) has  taken a 3 years programme  to screen out about one million  people to detect   pre-diabetes / diabetes  persons & to  take specific action plan  to  prevent , delay  & treat the rising tide  of  diabetes in Bangladesh which according to the IDF Diabetes Atlas, Bangladesh will have more than 10 million with diabetes in 2025.
Through  the project  Screening Of  Pre -diabetes &  Diabetes our aim is to  aware & warn the   screened persons  to be careful about  range of  risk ( Low risk,  Intermediate Risk & High risk Group)  the person is in  to be Diabetic Patient. .  On screening the pre-diabetes through  the 8 risk factors Test( assessment) like age, Weight, Height, BMI, High BP, Family history, & blood glucose test ( FG/OGTT) the screened persons will be aware of the  benefit of  modest weight loss, & participating in regular physical activity & also   to be careful to take measure not to be diabetes or how it can be delayed. And by screening the diabetes in advance primary , secondary, Tertiary prevention can be taken  earlier. &  need to explain the screened  persons about the bad  effect of  undiagnosed ( silent killer), untreated diabetes which  can cause serious silent & slow damage to body  which can leads increased risk to heart attack, kidney damages, strokes, vision loss, amputation of leg etc..