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Who We Are:

The Organizations:

Morning Bird Social Welfare Organization (M B S W O)a multi-purpose non-political, non-profit welfare organization to help change socio-economic condition of the common people with special importance given to poor women, men,children of the rural & urban people.A great improvement in human welfare would not be possible unless poor people get wider access to affordable,better quality service inhealth, education, housing,water,sanitation and nvironment etc.
Was estabilished in 1997 by group of social worker includes doctor, teachers,activist, journalist and youth worker,community leader &
people from civil society. MBSWO is registered with the District Social Welfare Office, Sylhet, under the Directorate of Social Welfare Orgazanization,Dhaka,Ministry of Social Welfare, Govt.of People's Repablic of Bangladesh.Since
its birth MBSWO has been working hard to help change the socio-econimics condition of people through the organization.

Dr. Moklesur Rahman, is the founder president of the organization and currently the Chief Executive,is Professionally a Physician having special interest in Diabetes & mental health,who has been working hard to help change socio-economic condition of the people through the Organization.

Aims & Objactivs

The motto of the organization is "Divine & Humanitarian Service". The constitution of the organization has stated delails of its aims. Some abstract of the aims & objectives are:
1. Health service to under privileged people of the society at home & abroad.
2. School health Service for the under privileged school childen who are the future ot the nation.
3. training & employment of the youth in primary health care & technical/vocational eduction.
4. Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation of Drug/Substance

5. Detection of child labor & movement against child labor & their education, health service.
6. relief & rehabilitation of victim of war & natural calamities such as flood, earth quake, river erosion.
7. Prevention of environmental pollution, access to celean water and sanitation.
8. Income genetrating projects by setting up Dairy. Fishery, Poultry. Nursery & Plantation in abandoned forest land & thus provide employment opportunitiws to unemployed youth & give direct economic back up for nation, & help protection of the environment.
9. Support & assistance the work of UN & beyond ot bring about a peacful, free dignified just world.
10. To organize civil society to fight for human rights locally & internationally.
11. Protect & assist the minority and indigenous people's rights & welfare.
12. Prevetion of Child & women trafficking.